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Why Sponsor with the Alaska Air Show Association?

As a non-profit, 501 (c)3 corporation, sponsorship dollars contributed to the Alaska Air Show Association are tax deductable.  That means your dollars go 30% further and provide your company unique potential marketing opportunities on base during Arctic Thunder—which has nearly 200,000 attendees over the course of the weekend—as well as off base.  Additionally we produce radio and TV advertisements that can highlight your company’s support for Arctic Thunder.


AASA developed focused television ads with sponsor recognition and had them aired on KTUU 2.  This effort reached approximately 85.9% Persons 25-54, 3.1 times each and reached Persons 18+ approximately 90.7%, 3.6 times each.


AASA developed radio coverage which provided 275 spots promoting Arctic Thunder and 275 spots promoting AASA and sponsors with one minute and 30 second spots.  Additionally we created 6 sponsor spots and rotating those equally which resulted in each sponsor receiving approximately 40+ each with their organization mentioned.  Our coverage approximately reached over 100,100 people 4.1 times each.

Additionally,  AASA did three shows on the Big Alaska Show promoting Arctic Thunder 2010 and featuring the Alaska Air Show Association. We aired the commercials that included the sponsors in each break as well.

For further information on sponsorship opportunities and benefits, contact Bill Kontess at (907) 339-6517.