Marcus Paine

Marcus Paine

Following in the footsteps of former Alaskan aviator legends, Marcus brings the thrill of aerobatic flight to his hometown of Anchorage, where he has lived for more than 40 years. Raised on a homestead in Rabbit Creek, Marc has been a pilot for over 20 years and is the founder and Chief Flight Instructor of Unusual Attitudes LLC, a flight school that teaches Unusual Attitude Recovery, Stall/Spin Awareness and aerobatic flight. Marc is a skilled instructor adept at teaching pilots of all skill levels new ways of thinking about the principals of flight and mastering the airplane in every attitude. He is an FAA Safety Counselor, and a regular speaker on Stall/Spin Awareness at FAA Safety Seminars held throughout Alaska, and nationally at aviation events including Oshkosh and Sun N Fun. Marcus will be flying his 1941 Stearman for Arctic Thunder 2016.

Marcus was recently featured in Discovery Channel Canada’s Airshow! Television series, which documented the risks, dangers and lives of air show professional performers. The show provided a unique, behind the scenes look at those who regularly risk it all in performances throughout North and South America.

Stearman Specifications:
Empty Weight 1,931 lbs
Wing Span 32 ft 2 in
Length 24 ft 9 in


Marcus over Columbia Glacier Photographer Joe Prax
Marcus over Columbia Glacier
Photographer Joe Prax