Jason Newburg & his Pitts Viper

6894061395_292ff53e8a_b Jason Newburg is an extreme aerobatic pilot who loves sharing his high energy performances nationwide and overseas with air show audiences. Jason’s first solo flight was at age 16 and he earned his pilot’s license at 17. Jason is committed to providing aviation leadership to young people who share his passion in aviation and aerobatics. He has served as Vice President for the Embry-Riddle Sport Aviation Club for numerous years.

Viper Pitts S2S Specifications:

Engine 400 HP
Propeller 3 blade MT-Propeller
Empty Weight 1,150 lbs
Wing Span 20 ft 6 in
Length 18 ft 6 in
Top speed level flight 300 mph
Roll rate: 400 degrees/second
Range 600 miles

Pitts Viper-a Pitts Viper_b Pitts Viper3_b Pitts Viper-3f_b

Learn more about Jason and Viper Airshows at www.viperairshows.com.