Celebrating 100 Years of Alaska Aviation

 For 2013 the Alaska Air Show Association is proud to celebrate the importance andplanepromise of Alaska aviation by providing barnstorming and fly-in activities, bringing living aviation history throughout the state over the course of several weeks this summer. Our goals are to recognize aviation achievement and make available a tangible, mobile museum that educates and inspires aviation enthusiasts and citizens at large of all ages. Activities will begin in May with the Valdez fly-in, and culminate in early July in Fairbanks, coinciding with the original flight in 1913. In between, the Association foresees fly-ins occurring over successive weeks on five different routes throughout Alaska . Please click the cities to see proposed routes, and stay tuned for additional information.

Distinct Routes

5 ea. Distinct Routes
1. Valdez – Yellow
2. Juneau – Blue
3. King Salmon– Green
4. Nome– Red
5. Fairbanks– Purple

Alaska aviation Centennial Celebration

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Centennial Celebration

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Celebrating 100 Years of Alaska Aviation

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2012 Arctic Thunder

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U.S. Army Golden Knights

U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds

Gary Ward

Marcus B. Paine

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2010 Arctic Thunder

Arctic Thunder Poster 2010

Third Strike Wingwalking

Dan Buchanan

Team Rocket

Gary Ward

Jon Melby

Screaming Eagles: U.S. Army Parachute Demo Team

Wings of Blue: USAF Parachute Demo Team

The Snowbirds: Canadian Airforce

Our Founder

Floyd E. Gori, COL, USAF (Ret), Founder, Alaska Airshow Association

COL Gori (Ret) and wife AngieIn 1990 the 21st Tactical Fighter Wing Vice Commander asked COL Gori (Ret) to assist with the concept of bringing aircrew members and old and new aircraft and local citizens of Alaska together in the spirit of the Elmendorf Airshow. This was the beginning of today’s airshow association. The first event in 1990 was a few local citizens having dinner with aircrew members in the Elmendorf Officers Club the evening before the airshow as a means to foster community/military relations.

Each year thereafter, the meaningful exchanges between local community members and aircrews were greatly expanded. The airshow association, with volunteer support, partnered with the Armed Services YMCA, the Navy League, Air Force Association to perform community services and provide support to the flying community. The wholehearted support of local sponsors enabled the association to bring quality acts to Elmendorf AFB for the annual airshow and open house.

Because of the association’s humble beginnings, today’s airshows are the largest event in Alaska open to the public; thousands of people have been able to enjoy demonstrations by the Air Force, acrobatic airplanes, static displays of old and new aircraft, World War II aircraft and the Confederate Air Force. The core mission of the airshow association continues by bringing together the flying community and the civilian community.

Promoting Alaskan Air Power!

Arctic Thunder 2010 Announced!

1. To enhance community relations by thanking the community for their support of the Air Force in Alaska by offering a free world-class air show, as well as the opportunity for community team-building through direct involvement in the Air Show.2. To educate the Alaska about military and civilian aviation as well as the mission of The US Air Force Alaska while promoting a positive image of both to the public, community leaders and decision makers.

3. To support military recruiting efforts.

Energize patriotism in Alaska and spark the fiery passion of flight in tomorrow

Arctic Thunder Schedule

2012 Poster

July 28 & 29 at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson

Gates Open at 9 a.m., flying begins 10 a.m., show concludes 5 p.m. daily

Download Aircraft Static Map here

Schedule for Saturday and Sunday:

Act Starting Time
Gold Knights 10:00
3Wg Flyby 10:31
Skip Stewart 10:52
Warbirds 11:08
C130 Airdrop 11:34
Intermission 11:54
Oregon Aero Sky Dancer 12:15
B-52 Flyby 12:28
Gary Ward 12:44
Warbirds 13:00
Marcus Paine 13:21
AKJFD 13:40
Runway Sweep 14:16
F-22 Demo 14:34
USAF Thunderbirds 15:05