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When Jeff Sever and I climbed out of the T-6 we were astonishment at the number of people in the hangar behind the crowd control barricades and ropes. There was easily four times the number of people on the ramp than expected at this event…. With the river still frozen, the weather beautiful, and free food….. At least 600-800 people were on the ramp enjoying the aircraft and door prize drawings. The kids loved the ERA Frisbees, ANC twirlers, Air Show Association t-shirts, ERA hats, and more. It was an amazing day.

King Salmon

Within minutes of barnstorming the community and flying oval track patterns and the overhead approach to land, hundreds of people arrived at King Salmon for the Centennial Event. The organizers quickly ran out of food. The public had a great time and enjoyed the drawing for free Air Show Association T-shirts along with the meeting the Centennial pilots.



Bryant Army Airfield



Participating Airplanes

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