Celebrating 100 Years of Alaska Aviation

 For 2013 the Alaska Air Show Association is proud to celebrate the importance andplanepromise of Alaska aviation by providing barnstorming and fly-in activities, bringing living aviation history throughout the state over the course of several weeks this summer. Our goals are to recognize aviation achievement and make available a tangible, mobile museum that educates and inspires aviation enthusiasts and citizens at large of all ages. Activities will begin in May with the Valdez fly-in, and culminate in early July in Fairbanks, coinciding with the original flight in 1913. In between, the Association foresees fly-ins occurring over successive weeks on five different routes throughout Alaska . Please click the cities to see proposed routes, and stay tuned for additional information.

Distinct Routes

5 ea. Distinct Routes
1. Valdez – Yellow
2. Juneau – Blue
3. King Salmon– Green
4. Nome– Red
5. Fairbanks– Purple

Alaska aviation Centennial Celebration

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